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Quick Details

We strongly recommend that you book during low tide for the optimal fossil hunting conditions. For tides conditions click here.

Private Tour Single Adult Ages 14+
Private Tour 2 or More Adults Ages 14+ | Priced Per Person
Child Ages 13 and under

Go Fossil Hunting in Savannah!

Are you a fossil fanatic? Do you love learning about fossils and creatures from years ago? This Savannah eco-tour is the perfect experience for you! We visit two islands and hunt for as many fossils and other marine life as we can find!

Have you ever seen million-year-old shark teeth? This tour will take you to wonderful unique islands where you will see and find an incredible experience. You will see dolphins, turtles, alligators, and osprey and even find million-year-old shark teeth on shore! We will visit Shark Tooth Beach and Bird Island.

Shark Tooth Beach

  • Step off the boat and explore the wonderful island
  • Watch as the waves hit the beach shore and uncover million-year-old shark teeth!
  • Have a wonderful stroll, relax and enjoy nature!

Bird Island

  • This island, accessible only by boat, is one of the most popular destinations!

With Captain John, who has spent his whole life on the water, you are sure to have a wonderful, safe and very unique experience! Book your Savannah eco-tour online today!

What to Bring

  • We recommend wearing a long sleeve light fabric shirt to protect you from the sun
  • Sunscreen always – if you forget, no worries, we always have a 150 proof sunscreen on the boat!
  • We carry cold waters for all our passengers
  • Ages 21+ feel free to bring your own beverages and enjoy your time on the boat!